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Play Stats

How to play?

To play in the Chain prison game, you will need just a few things:

  • Internet
  • Enabled Javascript
  • Installed MetaMask extension
  • MetaMask is only available for Chrome or Firefox, so you'll need one of this browsers
  • Some Ethers on your MetaMask address

After you have opened the game page and unlocked your MetaMask, you are ready to play. First of all, you can choose the mode - click on the Settings button. For now, there are 6 different modes:

  • Playing for 10 Ethers
  • Playing for 1 Ether
  • Playing for 0.5 Ether
  • Playing for 0.1 Ether
  • Playing for 0.05 Ether
  • Playing for 0.01 Ether

Prison rules

The game is based on the so called Prisoner dilemma. In a few words - you and your accomplice are in prison. Both of you are guilty of a crime. What crime? Read on the screen during the game, it changes each round. The police interrogate you and you have only 2 choices - betray your accomplice or remain the silent. There are 4 different scenarious:

  • You betrays him, but he remains silent
    This is the best scenario for you. In this case, your accomplice is losing everything and you're taking all the bets.
  • You remains silent, but he betrays you
    Easy to guess, that it's the worst case for you. Of course, you'll lose everything.
  • Both of you betray the other
    In this case, you both are losing 10% from your bets.
  • Both of you remain silent
    In this case, you both are losing 5% from your bets.

How is my partner?

It's the real person, the same as you. He's chosen in a random way, so you can't know in advance. Because of the random choice, you can't know, what decision he has made. More than that, the choice process happens inside the Ethereum smart-contract, so you can be sure, that there's no place for fraud from the developers.

How can I withdraw my funds?

All of your Ethers are stored directly on the smart-contract. You can get your current balance by clicking the Settings -> Get balance button. One important moment - you can't withdraw your funds, until you have any "unplayed" game. So, in this case you need to wait for a while and then try again. Click on the Settings->Am I locked? button to find out your current status.